I design and build websites

And also some other pretty cool digital products designed to make your life easier.

~Faïz Khay

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A good updated website counts in a world that's constantly online

The world is slowly moving towards more online communication. Make sure your business doesn’t fall behind. A few reasons why an updated website is important:

Web Design

We cover everything from web architecture design and SEO backed UI/UX design to ensure the ease of use & accessibility of your website to its utmost level.

Web Development

We develop wordpress based website which allows us to build your custom themes & plugins for your homepage, portfolio, ecommerce or rental platforms. 

SEO & Management

Proper SEO and web management is essential as it ensures that your website up to date, functioning properly and that it can easily be found on the first page of Google search.

Content Production

We provide photo & video production services. If you are looking to take your business to the next level in this digital era, quality content is a must to stand out.

Social Media Management

SMM is about building & maintaining your online image on social media platforms. Includes creating, curating & publishing content to generate extra sale opportunities.

Ads Management

Facebook & Instagram Ads are the best way to win a precise crowd and grow your business. With +12M impressions & +8M people reached in our portfolio, we can be helpful.


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